The following poem was written by Katie Griffiths of Stoneridge Kennels about her Rottie "Morgan"    V-1 CH Evrmor's Phantasy of Maplemor CD HT RN CGC TT TDI  

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Twas the night before Christmas

And at Morganís Place

Not a pup had been born

Not a glimpse of their face.

  But Morgan wrote to Santa

And made her wishes know

She wanted him to deliver

Puppies that could be shown.

  Now Santa loves a challenge

So he came much prepared

He brought all his reindeer

To help him deliver with care.


Seven puppies were whelped

On this Christmas Day

Five girls and two boys

To romp and to play.


Santa promised to Morgan

And he had lots to say

That these puppies were special

They would go a long way.

He told Morgan that he saw

A future so bright

Full of agility, and herding

Obedience and bright lights.


And Santa promised to visit

On Christmas Day of next year

To check in on Morgan

And her little puppy reindeer!

Written By:  Katie Griffiths 

All Images and Design
Copyright © 2006
to Stoneridge Kennels
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